Monday, September 27, 2010

Where Can Fine Artists Receive Career Help?

I have supported creative teams my entire career. Be it designers, artists, photographers, writers, musicians, the creative process is a powerful force to be reckoned with.

In my experience the most powerful support one can give is helping a highly creative person is to help them create the right structures to feed their process. Most creative people are challenged to stay focused. ideas popping up are alluring and often mire down the individual and hence they are robbed from seeing ideas come to full bloom. Very often they are bored before the idea really has a chance to blossom.

Helping creatives break down ideas into achievable actions and helping them to understand their personal process, is, I believe the most affective way to help them create.

Perhaps they need advisors on some of the protocols of the world, they would be better served by a coach who is there to help them find their way instead of telling them what to do.

Most creatives when told what to do, will generally shut down and retreat creating inaction and hence no results. Creatives are innately free spirits and are best served when this is celebrated.
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