Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Today I get to decide 
which structures will
refine and strengthen me
and which will set me free. fh

Personal discipline has brought a sense of pride and accomplishment to my life. Each time I decide to rest into a practice with consistency, I am blessed with results. Quite the miracle huh??

Most of my life I knew little about personal discipline, Meaning disciplines that would benefit me on a personal and spiritual level that is. I knew how to hold onto a job, stick to deadlines, yet a dedication to MY body and spirit eluded me.

I had no idea how to rest into structure, I never thought I could...when I realized I could with a little bit of help, I was then able to see I could even do it on my own. What a concept!

This morning's yoga was in the hallway of a nursing home. As I stood and did a quiet practice, I could feel my body finding it's center. My body was saying thank you for disciplining me. Thank you for believing I am worth the investment. Thank you for the results you have helped me feel. Thank you for tomorrow's practice, I know I can count on you!

Today I am free from the guilt of skipping out on myself and today I  stand knowing I am willing to be refined!

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