Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Where I am...I am human!

It has been a long while since I felt called to share the deepest thoughts of my heart. Day to day I share small snippets and give you a peek into how my life is unfolding. Today, like other times I shall open the door a bit wider.

So many ideas are swirling around as topics for me to dive into. I sit here and breathe into God's divine guidance and know that it will reveal itself as I write.

The past week I lost a very dear friend to cancer. She impacted my spiritual journey in ways that are hard to put into words. Her legacy is one of selfless giving balanced with self love. She lived her life in a way that was guided by pure unconditional love and faith.

I attended her memorial service on Saturday afternoon. I was honored to bear witness to those who loved her and were loved by her, share the impact her love had on their lives and the world.

She would tell me about living life on life's terms. She showed me that if I was willing to show up to the truth, I was willing to be loved by God, by others and myself.

As I watched her family process the greatness of her life, I saw them rest into gratitude. Gratitude for knowing real love. I learned to love myself in a way that honors God's plan for me. I am taking care of  my spiritual self and my body in ways that are healthy and balanced. I am learning how to push myself and to nurture myself in a way that is compassionate and patient.

I witnessed my friend's husband cope with his grief. His love for her had taught me what love is. Today I am in a loving relationship that is centered on God. A relationship that is honest, open and gentle.We have two lives that are full of creativity and integrity. We hold each other to our highest selves, yet understand that we are human.  I learned this from their relationship.

Today I am in a job that calls me to be transparent, to be compassionate and to be myself. Her work life was resplendent with humility. She knew deeply that we are no greater or less than each other. She taught me that we are on the journey together, to hold each other to the highest ideals.

I sometimes feel scared, alone and even powerless. Today those are momentary thoughts that I move through with my faith. I let myself feel those feelings. learn from them and take the next right step.

Each and every day, I get to live a blessed life. I get to share my journey in a way that is transparent, honest and full of faith, knowing tat my life does matter and that my journey through the dark can inspire others to move through their dark days.

I ask that you be honest with me. Show me how I can better nurture our relationship, my relationship with the world and with God. I am open to learning and know that each and everyone of you who has chosen to read this is on my path for a reason. What do you need from me? What would you like to give me?

Blessings to all!