Thursday, August 26, 2010

Building Strength

Day 4 Yoga - Strength

This morning I awoke to a text from a client who I respect greatly. He simply stated I should think about redefining my coaching practice to spiritual teaching. I almost fell of the bed! I could feel my stomach leap and begin to tighten all at the same time. His words stated a truth I have been looking to accept about myself.

I had been laying meditating and was preparing to move to my yoga mat. I had come to the word strength through my meditation. WOW! Building strength was a topic to explore. 

I could feel myself tightening with each step to my mat. I could feel fear creeping in and questions swirling in my head as I pondered the though of actually coming out and being with my faith in GOD in a more public way. As I moved to the mat, I could feel God's strength within me. I could feel God saying, "I have made you strong. You have been willing to be strengthened. You are ready."

I moved in a way that helped me feel His power moving. I rested into my strong arms and legs, my supple back, my breathe and I found a peacefulness that quieted my fears.

As my day moved forward I was given sign after sign that YES, this is the right path. And Yes, I am ready to take it to the next level.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Who am I being?

Willingness is opening myself
to unknown possibilities!
Yoga - Day 3 - WILLING

Such joy getting back into my yoga commitment! Today as I moved into my delightful yoga groove, I could feel my spirit rejoicing! It told me how happy it was!

Recently when I asked a client what needed to happen today. His response was. "I am going to honor myself by doing the rituals I have created." Ever since he said that to me it has echoed in my head.

Honoring ourselves with rituals, routines and practices that ignite our spirits, is what we are called to do, so we may BE who we are called to Be!

As I work towards bringing "Who's Helping Who?" into the world, I have been challenged to step into myself in ways I had not anticipated. I am being called to refine myself and to be the woman who balances asking for help and doing for others. 

Finding balance within the cycle of help and allowing it to fuel the work forward is my goal. Each day I rest into my spiritual practices of prayer, meditation and yoga, I know the results they will bring. Clarity, focus and a sense of God's love in my life can be counted on with the time invested. 

When I begin working with clients, the one thing that is a priority is to help them create practices that connect themselves to themselves and the Divine. It is the one thing I can guarantee to bring results that are lasting and grounded in truth. 

My dedication to my spiritual development fuels my daily work in ways that transcend words. A quietude that fuels the next right thought and the next right BEING ME!

Monday, August 23, 2010

100 Days of YOGA! I am Committed!

Here I am once again knowing I am needing to publicly commit to my yoga practice.

The last time I did this it helped me see how much power my commitment to my physical and spiritual well being had upon my life and connection to God.

It was originally inspired by my Friend Michael Bierut who teaches a design class where he has the students do and document an activity for 100 days. As he shared some of the classes work, I was inspired to do it as well. I was able to achieve the doing and the documentation was the challenge. I achieved 135 days of yoga and maybe 90 days of documenting???

SO this commitment is the doing and the documenting!!

I know that sustained action brings predictable results!

So Here is to the results I know my yoga practice brings, Peace, clarity and a sense of connection to God and myself that I fully desire and KNOW I can have!!

Plus science tells me it can and will affect my happiness, so what the hey...I want to be happy, so I want to do yoga!!

Here is a link to the scientific proof!! Science Daily reports out on a study at the Boston School of Medicine! Powerful and factual, perfect combo!!

New Study Finds New Connection Between Yoga and Mood

If you would like to join me, I would love to hear about your insights and the results of your commitment!! 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Today I sold my wedding ring.

Yes, I needed the money and yes I needed to let go of the past, so I could move to the future that God has for me.

A future free of abuse, anger and fear. To a future full of hope, joy and God's infinite love. Today I let go of a way of seeing myself and I now see myself as God sees me, his precious child.

Today I love myself because, I know the love of Christ. Today I treat myself with respect and I am free from the bondage of my food addiction. Today, I can see myself as His messenger, because of the love and compassion I have been shown.

I am not a victim of others or myself any more. I know that the love Christ has taught me is how to love myself with patience, compassion and so very often a sense of humor. I am clear of my worthiness. I am clear that I am loved.

Today as I stood in the jeweler's office, I asked him to pray with me. He was a believer and easily held his hand out for me to hold on to. I prayed for forgiveness for myself and for my ex-husband. I prayed that we both continue to heal and seek His truth. It was a moment that I know, God heard my plea, as I felt His love envelope me. A sense of peace came over me as I cried tears of pain, joy and surrender to God's love.

God is working powerfully. He hears our prayers and will make us anew as we open our hearts to him.

Everything that broken wedding ring represented is now healed. It's missing stone, it's scratched surface, no longer represent me. I am not broken, I am whole within God.

For so many years I stayed in the marriage praying it would be peaceful. I twisted and contorted myself, thinking I could do something to change my angry husband. When I left on a night of violence, I knew that only God could change him.

As I began to realize my self worth as I lost a ton of weight, I began to see myself for who I am. I began to see what God wanted me doing. Helping others to turn their lives over to him. Turning to Him for everything.

Today I struggle financially and yet I know I will never be hungry, I will never be homeless. I will always have God's love. I may not have the lovely home I once had, but tonight I am safe! Tonight I know the love of God! Tonight I know Christ!